Monday, July 4, 2016

Inbound Marketing And Doublespeak

You won't likely hear the phrase "damage control" in business circles. Instead you'll hear the much more benign and deceptively pleasant, "reputation management". This is because today's business persons, like most people, prefer soft and safe language. Doublespeak or soft language, if you will, is a powerful tool that takes the bite out of language and is designed to make reality more palatable for those who persist in delusion. To use doublespeak is to engage in deception and is wholly dishonest at its core. It changes nothing and does nothing positive. Instead it conceals the truth and deceives those on the receiving end of it.

Reputation Management

"Reputation Management" hit the inbound marketing scene just a few years back but don't be fooled by any company or representative that dresses it up, it's damage control plain and simple. So how does it work? It goes something like this.

A business might have clients whom go online and say something unsavory. Business owners then pay their inbound marketing firm to go online and reply to or delete these "negative" comments, video, etc. Even more troubling is the fact that reps performing this service will often attempt to silence dissent by lying about the customer, trashing their reputation/business, or act in a dismissive manner as though legitimate complaints are nothing more than hot air from a buffoon. Reputation Management Specialists will even go as far as submitting complaints to social media websites in order to have the complainers account suspended. In the eyes of search engine marketing reps whom handle reputation management, there are no legitimate complaints; they're all negative, all wrong, all lies, and all need to be dealt with accordingly.

What Happened To Customer Service?

In years and even decades past addressing dissatisfied customers was known as customer service and companies had people in house that handled these types of issues. Reputation management services are carried out by people whom don't even work for the company they're representing. Furthermore the majority don't even have a customer service background. This is an unhealthy way of dealing with customer dissatisfaction, discontent, and there are often consequences to going this route. Paying your SEO firm to handle unhappy customers can wedge a further divide between you and your clients. It is often said that good news travels slowly and that bad news travels quickly. Once you hand off customer service responsibilities to someone outside your company and to someone who's only interest is in silencing people you can bet that your customers will begin talking more aggressively and loudly. Reputation Management does nothing to fix a business' reputation nor it's problems with its customers. Instead it serves to exacerbate existing issues.

Who Can Help A Business With Its Online Reputation?

A business is best served by addressing online customer issues itself. A dedicated staff member or team can work with unhappy clients online to resolve issues properly. There also exists those inbound marketing firms that offer services which help eliminate and manage errors, trolls, and misinformation but these companies do not address customer service issues. Instead they will work with social media sites and other businesses to get problems corrected. Here at Next Revolution SEO we believe that customer service issues belong to the business they're attached to. We also help our clients get spam, trolling, etc. removed from sites but we never support a business silencing unfavorable opinions or comments online. Furthermore we oppose doublespeak, soft language, instead encouraging open, honest, and blunt discourse.

If you need help managing your online reputation...don't call us, we don't want any part of that. If however you need help managing your social media accounts and legitimate interactions with your customers online, that we would be happy to help with.

~Scott (President, Next Revolution SEO)

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