Friday, May 13, 2016

Inbound Marketing Without The Bullshit: Part 2

In my previous post I wrote about some of the unrealistic expectations and misgivings some search engine optimization clients have. The focus of this post will shift to the industry I am apart of. This business and industry have supported my family for over a decade but that's not to say I'm always proud to be a part of the community. To be frank there are times where I'm rather ashamed and embarrassed of my contemporaries, competitors, and even comrades. Working in the retail during the earliest years of my youth taught me what the word cut-throat meant but when it comes to cut-throat business one must stand in awe of the inbound marketing industry.

Dishonesty Has Many Faces

The online marketing industry isn't atypical in its dishonesty, disingenuous individuals, or ambiguous and often misleading sales pitches. In fact these issues/problems permeate American business though perhaps not as egregiously as they do the SEO industry. Here are some all too common issues that plague this industry.

Buzzwords - Buzzwords are a tool used by the ignorant and dishonest both in and out of business. In SEO sales circles these words are used to distract and cover parts of a service or topic that people wish to avoid. SEO sales persons will toss out words like "guarantee, free, and may even inundate prospective clients with a ton of industry jargon which allows them to sidestep questions or answer them without ever really saying anything. Beware the inbound marketing sales person or rep whose smile extends through both ends of the phone. Advertising online isn't all sunshine and rainbows but they'd love for you to believe it is.

Guarantees - There are no guarantees in online marketing campaigns and anyone who tells you differently is lying. Of course there are those marketing firms that guarantee that certain things will happen to your website but what they won't ever tell you is that these things happen to all websites that start an SEO campaign. Instead they'll act as though your sudden and unexpected results are a product of clever marketing work which in turn makes you think they are something special. All new inbound marketing efforts result in a jump, albeit a temporary one, in the rankings. If a marketing firm starts throwing guarantees at you keep in mind that Google itself posted information online that definitively proves that all SEO guarantees are bogus Several other respected publications have done the same. Please consider reading those. There are then those marketing firms that claim people such as myself use the no guarantee philosophy as a shield against accountability; which itself is another form of bullshit. Marketing firms that don't get results and aren't accountable don't thrive for 10 plus years. There are an incredible number of factors that make or break an SEO campaign and the fault can not always be attributed to a mismanaged campaign or firm. Sometimes its fierce competition, a willfully ignorant and parsimonious client, the rep handling the campaign, and even just misfortune. It's advertising for god's sake...not a miracle and instantaneous retirement plan.

Little Whispers - I've never seen so much underhandedness as I have working in the inbound marketing industry. Not only are scam artists lurking around every corner ready to steal clients away from solid marketing firms but some of the legitimate companies resort to outright lies to lure clients away from companies that are providing them with great results. The sales reps who worked for the company I was employed with just prior to starting Next Revolution SEO were scandalous. They would tell people that their current marketing firm wasn't doing something right, omitting something, or just screwing things up. This was followed up with "Of course we can fix that for you" while wearing a sinister grin that would embarrass the Grinch. I would have had no problem with this had they not openly admitted it was all horseshit used to lure clients away from campaigns that were working well. If you're looking for integrity it isn't easily found in the inbound marketing industry. Be wary of those firms and reps that are quick to point out faults with your current marketing campaign or use that as a lead off and don't cancel your current marketing plan so hastily. Do your research, ask questions, and leave emotion out of your decision making.

Open Communication

Jenn and I founded Next Revolution SEO with the sole intent of providing businesses with solid and comprehensive search engine optimization services minus all the crap that usually comes with them. 10 years on we still take great pride in offering honest services.  We encourage all of our clients to not only openly communicate with us but our competitors as well. If they are happy with us but want something we aren't currently offering, contacting us can and does add new services to our list of services. Moreover we are more than happy to put you in touch with our clients so that you don't have to take our word for anything since there's clearly a conflict of interest there. One more thing...if someone tells you they can make you number one in the "search engines" but don't mention Google they're deceiving you. Being number one in some obscure search engine is meaningless and you're being taken. Food for thought...

~Scott (President, Next Revolution SEO)

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