Thursday, May 12, 2016

Inbound Marketing Without The Bullshit: Part 1

I've been working in the SEO/Inbound Marketing industry for over 14 year now. Over the years I've seen many aspects of this industry change dramatically. Whether it's new Google algorithms, skyrocketing prices, the time it takes to see results, or marketing firms coming and going...I've seen it all. If there are two constants in the world of search engine optimization however it's most assuredly client expectations and the lies disreputable firms tell both existing and prospective clients. In this post I'll be dealing with client expectations. I'll deal with industry lies in a future post.

Client Expectations And Disappointment

At the risk of being perceived as an ostentatious ass I will say this. Search engine optimization clients are among the worlds most pedantic and difficult to please. Your hard work might get them results much sooner than either you or they expected yet some will continue to mull over the most mundane details and find fault where there is none. Details mind you that have next to nothing to do with these prodigious and unexpected results. Some will even express dissatisfaction over not achieving even greater results in such a short time. All this despite their early results being atypical and having listened to you explain to them in great detail not to expect anything solid or consistent for 9 to 12 months.

Not all of this is the fault of the client mind you. In some instances the clients that sign on with us do so only after being wounded; having been mislead, over-promised, and outright lied to by other online marketing firms. Burning clients in this manner is a sure fire way to ignite skepticism in people of business, more specifically online marketing clients. Unfortunately this skepticism isn't always of the healthy variety and often leads to frustration and further disappointment for both the client and their marketing firm. Inbound marketing clients, especially those that have had bad experiences, need to remember that online marketing takes time, consistency, and money. Actions such as cutting a marketing budget, taking a month off, cancelling and moving to another firm, etc. all do damage to a clients rankings and are effectively like throwing money out a window.

Provided a marketing firm explains how inbound marketing does and doesn't work before a client signs up, the onus remains on the client to keep expectations realistic and to be consistent as well as patient. Most marketing firms...well the reputable ones anyway...are going to be working hard to get their client rankings and the online exposure they desperately want and need. Clients that want good results and the best bang for their buck need to back off and allow their marketing firms do their jobs. Clients that harass their marketing firms, threaten to cancel when their website doesn't appear in the number one spot after just two or three months, and tell their marketing team they don't know what they're doing, are creating a toxic relationship with their marketing team. What type of person hires an expert in a given field and then tells them they don't know what they're doing or that they're doing their job incorrectly? These are the actions of arrogant persons who probably shouldn't be wasting their time or money on marketing because they are insatiable and ignorant when it comes to search engine optimization. Without exception, all SEO clients are at the mercy of Google. Their marketing firms must play by Google's rules and abide by their time frames. No amount of frustration, anger, impatience, or nagging is going to change the way the game is played. Clients have a better chance of finding immortality than they do causing change at Google. Never tell your marketing firm, "I know it takes time but.....". One does not get more dishonest or absurd than that. If a prospective client can not or will not wait for results they should refrain from starting an online marketing campaign; it's as simple as that.

Here at Next Revolution SEO we tell every client, well before they sign on, that online marketing requires time, consistency, and patience above all else. We do not make guarantees and we will dissuade prospective clients from signing on with us or any other firm if we see that they are incapable or unwilling to accept the truth about online marketing campaigns. There are plenty of online marketing firms that are all too happy to accept money from anyone and any business; we are not one of those companies. We want all of our clients to succeed in business and seek to build a strong rapport with anyone who comes on board. We don't believe in bullshit and can help any business, big or small, given they come to terms with what inbound marketing is and isn't. We also ask that our clients give us the time we need to do our job. If you've been mislead by another firm but still need marketing for your online business be sure to drop us an email or give us a call. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

~Scott (President, Next Revolution SEO)

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