Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What Keywords Is Your Website Being Ranked With?

We have previously blogged and even tweeted about being wary of any search engine optimization firm that makes promises and guarantees. In an effort to help our customers and potential customers keep their expectations realistic and to help them avoid problems with online marketing we're going to talk a little bit about how a website is actually ranked and the validity of your keywords.

The vast majority of SEO firms will either have someone contact you via telephone to discuss your rankings from time to time or they'll send you some sort of regular update via e-mail. It's very easy to get excited when the firm or individual you've hired to market your website online tells you that your number one or number two for this term or for that term. Keeping your excitement in check is of the utmost importance however because where you rank for specific keywords or phrases isn't nearly as important as is which phrases your ranking with. Some of the more unscrupulous or less than stellar SEO firms/individuals will routinely report that you're ranking number one for a specific phrase or keyword but upon critical analysis you will find that they've been marketing your website with key words and phrases that nobody's actually searching for. This essentially means that no matter how high these rankings might be there utterly useless.

Keyword analysis one of the first things that an SEO professional will undertake when you begin an online marketing campaign. Keyword analysis includes looking at the keywords your competitors are using, the keywords and phrases that people are using to search for the types of products/services you offer, and how well those words and phrases are performing. If you've got a good SEO firm or professional working for you, your representative will contact you after keyword analysis has been completed to tell you exactly what key phrases and words are going to work best for your website. We encourage all SEO clients, be them our own or those working with another firm, to take the keywords they been given and do a little bit of research to ensure that the keywords that have been selected for their website are keywords and phrases that are actually being searched for. A simple search in Google should reveal a multitude of meaningful results if a keyword is as effective as your you're being told.

It's not uncommon to find SEO firms deliberately and unabashedly marketing their clients websites with keywords and phrases that very few people search for. You want your website to be ranked high with relevant keywords and should you ever find that this is not the case don't be afraid to ask questions. Business owners curious as to whether or not the right keywords and phrases are being used for their website can utilize this keyword traffic estimator to find out. Keep in mind there are many tools online with which to check your keyword popularity.

Should you have any questions regarding the keywords you're being ranked with or about any of our services please be sure to contact us, we would be happy to assist you!

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