Monday, October 21, 2013

Remaining Calm And Cool Headed: Online Marketing Lulls

"Help! My phone stopped ringing and I'm not getting e-mails from customers anymore". This phrase and one of the many that are just like it are often received by SEO professionals whom have disgruntled clients on the other end of the line. A dip in rankings and performance can be quite alarming for business owners when they experience a common but brief period of online marketing success at the beginning of their campaign. Other times clients will contact their SEO professionals after years of successful online marketing when they encounter a sudden dip in the amount of business they're getting from their website.

A great many things are at play when a website loses rankings and/or a website generates less business than it did in the months and years previous. The two worst things business owners can do when they experience this is panic and cancel their SEO services. SEO firms regularly communicate to their clients that rankings will fluctuate from time to time regardless of how long an online marketing campaign is run and no matter how much money that gets pumped into it.

With regards to why rankings go up and down business owners need to understand that the vast majority of online marketing firms are legitimate and have worked very hard to get their clients websites ranked where they previously were. Keeping that firmly in mind business owners need to also understand that Google ultimately determines the criteria by which a website is judged and ranked and is entirely capricious in nature, changing that criteria often and much to the chagrin of both business owners and those who market websites for their customers. When Google changes the criteria by which it judges and ranks websites is not uncommon to see websites at the top of the search engine drop off completely or at least move down several spaces and for those websites with poor are no ranking to jump up. Sometimes these fluctuations are temporary and patience and consistency are all that is needed to see it through to its resolution. There had been instances however were some SEO firms need to completely rework an online marketing strategy to bring a specific website back to prominence simply because the change Google made was extreme.

When Google isn't responsible for a websites rankings, traffic, or turnover suddenly decreasing or hitting a lull, a business's competition can sometimes be blamed. A business owner may have a specific budget set aside for their search engine optimization and it may work for months or even many years. When a competitor comes online or an existing one decides to undertake an online marketing campaign or put vastly more money into it than the affected business person, their rankings, traffic, and turnover will always be effected. This is why so many SEO professionals advise their clients to create as big a budget as possible for their online marketing campaign.

In either scenario however panicking and/or canceling your search engine optimization services is a very bad idea as is blaming your SEO firm/professional. Business owners already engaged in or entertaining the idea of search engine optimization must remember that it is a game of consistency, patience, and realistic expectations more than anything else. If you're a longtime search engine optimization clients and your marketing campaign isn't doing what it once did or what it did in the very beginning you need to be prepared to ride out the storm. Panicking only leads to frustration for both business owners and their SEO professionals. Canceling your SEO only serves to ensure that you will never recover and will likely lose any of the remaining rankings you have. If anything business owners faced with what seems like an immediate crisis and sudden waste of money need to remember that with regards to search engine optimization cooler heads in patience always prevails and that, that "waste of money" was something the considered a great investment not long ago.

It behooves any business owner who find themselves in either of the aforementioned scenarios to remain calm and collected. It's also advantageous for them to remember that prior to this "crisis" their marketing professionals worked hard to get their websites ranked in a respectable position. It's also very reasonable to believe that they are still doing so and that they aren't just running off with the money the collect from their clients. Outside of neglect, rarely is it the case that an SEO firm or professional has anything to do with a website fluctuating in the rankings or dropping completely out of them. Keeping calm when you notice even a lengthy dip and communicating your concerns with your SEO professional is the first step in getting a website get back on track. In the vast majority of scenarios website owners simply need to wait things out and keep their online marketing campaign going strong without interruption.

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