Friday, September 27, 2013

SEO: Risk Or Investment?

In speaking with our sales manager Seven Bates today, we discussed what makes search engine optimization such a tough sell. One would think that it would be obvious that websites, like anything else, need a marketing plan behind them in order to maximize both exposure and profit though this is not always the case especially when it comes to SEO. What we discovered in our meeting is that  business owners generally view SEO as a risk rather than an investment.

From the perspective of a technologically un-savvy business owner unfamiliar with the search engine optimization process, online marketing often looks "scary" and carries with it an air of uncertainty. Further complicating the matter for business owners are the derogatory comments about competitors, falsehoods, and broken promises that some online marketing firms take great pride in shouting from mountaintops. All of these things can leave strong impressions on the minds of business people who might otherwise jump right in and begin a marketing campaign. SEO salespersons worldwide have a difficult job ahead of them simply because of the aforementioned things.

While it might be tempting and in some cases very easy for business owners to view search engine optimization as a great risk rather than investment or opportunity it behooves these persons to reconsider their outlook on the process. The days where a business could place a website online and  profit from it without any online marketing haven't existed since the turn of the millennium. Furthermore business owners need to remember that if they've put money into having a website built yet remain opposed to starting and maintaining an online marketing campaign than they're essentially throwing their initial investment out the window. Without good search engine optimization and a consistent marketing effort behind it a website essentially becomes a functionless tool. Sure, some websites will get lucky and be found by curious consumers though the vast majority without search engine optimization behind them are, at best, relegated to the very bottom of Google's search results.

Thinking of search engine optimization or an online marketing campaign as an investment rather than a risk is imperative if you plan to have a website built/have one online and want to see a return on that investment. Chances are good that your competitors not only have SEO pushing their sites forward but they've been at it for quite a long time. If your competitors are running an online marketing campaign and you are not it's unlikely that you'll see the returns you'd hoped to get from putting a website online. The truth is that there is risk involved in any venture for business but it's folly to believe that an online marketing campaign isn't a worthy investment or worth the small risk involved. In many cases, even for those business owners who pay very little for search engine optimization, the return on investment for SEO is far greater than what they pay into it.

If you're a business owner who has trepidations about beginning an online marketing campaign for fear of throwing your money away we encourage you to not only take some time to reconsider your position but to do research online and even speak with a number of people who've paid a firm to market their website for them. Additionally, speaking with business owners who have a website but no SEO behind it will help you get a good idea of just how great an investment search engine optimization actually is.

Should you have any questions regarding our search engine optimization services or about the myths and stigmas surrounding the SEO industry please don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to assist you!

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