Friday, August 16, 2013

Testimonials & Your Peace Of Mind

The vast majority of people don't feel comfortable hiring a company or an individual contractor for anything unless they first read reviews and/or testimonials from a company's past and/or current clientele. Reviews and testimonials can be very telling regardless of which company they belong to. Armed with information about a company and after having read or watched testimonials consumers can make an educated decision in hiring a company or contractor.

Having access to reviews and testimonials is especially important in the search engine optimization industry. Online marketing firms are a dime a dozen these days and some of them are less than reputable. Additionally all of these companies will market your website/business online utilizing different strategies. Watching and reading testimonials/reviews can give individuals interested in online marketing great insight as to what techniques a company might use in not only marketing their website but what type of results the company generally produces as well.

At the Next Revolution and SEO we understand that the decision to begin an online marketing campaign isn't always an easy one though these days they are completely necessary if a business wants to remain relevant online. As such and in order to facilitate peace of mind we are featuring just one of our many testimonials here on our blog. The following testimonial comes from Kristen White of TH2 Technologies. Her company offers computer and networking services to all of Orange County and has been part of the Next Revolution SEO family for nearly 4 years.

If after watching this video you find yourself with questions about our company as a whole or our services please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to assist you!

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