Friday, August 9, 2013

SEO: The Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Business Rainbow?

As a business owner contemplating whether or not to begin an online marketing campaign it is likely that you have several things on your mind including questions you need answers to. It's also very likely that you've been told by other business owners, who have had less than stellar results from their online marketing campaign, that this isn't something worth spending money on. Prior to hiring any firm to handle search engine optimization and any type of online marketing campaign for your website it is important to keep your expectations grounded and remember that the success of an online marketing campaign is based largely on what you put into it.

Individuals who become disillusioned with either their own online marketing campaign or the firm running it will likely whisper several things in your ear. You might hear "don't put money into that, you won't see any results", "they're just taking your money and not really doing anything", and of course the all too common but misconceived "I didn't get what I was promised". Regardless of which SEO firm you talk to it's a safe bet they've heard all of these phrases uttered by wounded business owners who are afraid of throwing money out the window. The moment you hear any of these things from business associates or even other business owners you need to ask yourself the following:
  • What SEO firm did he/she higher?
  • How long did he or she run this marketing campaign for?
  • How much were they spending on their campaign?
  • How much competition does he/she have online?
  • How consistent was he/she with their campaign?
  • What kind of expectations did he/she have when they began this campaign?
  • How much did he or she know about search engine optimization before they began their campaign?
These are important questions to ask yourself because they can give you great insight as to why they have became so dissatisfied with their SEO firm or the campaign itself. While it's true that some businesses will be more successful with their online marketing campaigns than others, as a general rule any business that begins an online marketing campaign will see an increase in traffic and in most cases an increase in turnover. The vast majority of business owners begin having big problems with their SEO company after just a few months simply because they either don't understand how the process works or they have forgotten what they were told by the company representative in the very beginning. While some websites might see immediate success in search engines this is rare. Most websites either don't maintain that success and/or won't see regular success for upwards of 6 to 9 months. You'd be surprised at just how many business owners/managers contact their SEO firm and angrily proclaim that they're not getting anything for their money.

As far as getting what they pay for business owners can ask for ranking reports any time and any reputable SEO company will be able to provide those to them within just a short amount of time. These reports will show just how far a website has risen or sank in search engines ranking. Any time you receive a ranking report however you need to keep in mind the amount of time your website has been receiving search engine optimization and how much you are actually paying. These two things play a big factor in where a website is ranked and the time frames in which you might see those rankings. Any business owner who expects to be number one or even on page one of any major search engine within just a few weeks or even a few months time is not only fooling themselves and may have been mislead as well. Reputable SEO firms will tell their new clients exactly what they can expect to see and what kind of results they expect based on what the customer has agreed to pay.

Unfortunately these facts, though often communicated clearly, are quickly forgotten. Many business owners with unrealistic expectations and with whispers of disillusion in their ears often think that paying for search engine optimization or any type of online marketing campaign means that they'll be sailing their yacht across the ocean in just a few months time. This is never the case and individuals promised the world prior to signing on with the any SEO company should be very wary of such promises or guarantees as well as the companies that make them. Online marketing is nothing more than marketing a website on the Internet. It takes a lot of hard work, time, money, consistency, and above all patience. It is not the be all and end all to your business success but rather is a very important part piece of that puzzle.

The bottom line is that search engine optimization and online marketing campaigns work and work well for any business that undertakes one. While results obviously vary based on a number of factors, any website that has an online marketing campaign behind it will always see some sort of improvement even if it's not the type of improvement that the owner expected. If you are on the verge of signing up for an online marketing campaign or search engine optimization be sure to ask lots of questions and be wary of promises and guarantees. Like all of the things in life if it sounds too good to be true or sounds too easy then that's most likely the case.

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