Monday, August 19, 2013

SEO Facts To Keep In Mind

When searching for a company to market your website online you will have undoubtedly come across salespersons that make a wide variety of different promises and or guarantees. Unless an individual knows a thing or two about search engine optimization they're likely to believe and be taken by many of the promises and guarantees they hear. While it's true that small guarantees can be made any online marketing company that makes promises to individuals should be looked at with a very skeptical eye.

Many of our clients have come to us wounded having fallen prey to outlandish promises and guarantees that come from overly eager salespersons. We hear everything from "this is the be all and end all solution for your business" to "We guarantee you'll be number one in Google in just under a month". We operate our business on the principles of integrity, honesty, and providing outstanding customer service. As a result of the way we operate our business we believe that education is key to not only understanding what an online marketing campaign can do for a business but what it cannot do as well. We are successful in part because we make sure our clients understand, quite clearly, what to expect from their online marketing campaign.

It's a fact that many business owners enter into an online marketing campaign believing promises and guarantees and with their own unrealistic expectations. Prior to beginning any online marketing campaign and before you accept as truth any promises or guarantees the following things need to be kept in the back of an your mind.
  • Online marketing will not make you rich overnight and probably won't make you rich at all. The purpose of an online marketing campaign is to gain exposure for a website and make it easy for consumers to find when searching for specific key terms. An online marketing campaign is just one piece of the business/website success puzzle.
  • An online marketing campaign requires patience, time, and most of all persistence.
  • Though there are a few rare exceptions, most websites will climb a search engines rankings slowly.

  • Don't expect to see your website at the top of the list even after a few months.

  • Dedicating a small budget to search engine optimization when your competitors are paying out more will not allow you to usurp and in some cases even be competitive with them online. In cases where competition is heavy within an industry a small budget may do very little to get you the online recognition you desire or expect.
  • When you cancel an online marketing campaign your rankings will drop significantly. You should not expect to maintain rankings you achieved through an online marketing campaign once you pull the plug.

  • Even the best online marketing campaigns ran by the best marketing firms will see rankings fluctuate from time to time. Regardless of how much money you put into your online marketing campaign and no matter how well you're doing there will be times where your rankings go down a bit and come back up. Don't panic! Though this is expected by industry professionals many business owners either don't understand this or forget when they have a bad couple of weeks or even a month. This is not cause for concern, alarm, nor does it mean the company you've hired isn't doing their job.
  • Any time you decide to put more money into your online marketing campaign you should expect to see results from that after many months just as you would if you were starting a brand-new online marketing campaign. Search engine optimization always takes time.
  • Business owners who begin an online marketing campaign should not expect to see solid and consistent results from that campaign for at least 6 to 9 months at minimum. Depending on the amount of competition they have online, the amount of SEO their competitors are getting, and the search engines themselves, business owners need to be prepared for the long haul. Canceling because you don't see results within a few weeks or even a few months is no different than throwing money into a fireplace. If you're not prepared to commit don't start an online marketing campaign.

  • Depending on the goals a business owner has an online marketing campaign will be beneficial in different ways to them. Obviously it's much easier to market a website/business in its local area than it is to try and take on competition on a national level. It's also far less expensive!
By keeping these things in mind both prior to and during an online marketing campaign and by keeping expectations grounded business owners will find great success and satisfaction in whatever online marketing campaign they decide to undertake. Should you have any questions about our search engine optimization services or about what to expect from an online marketing campaign please do not hesitate to contact us!

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