Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Keyword Research & Finding Your Target Market

When people first talk to me about search engine optimization they always ask what is the first step?? So today I wanted to briefly explain the start of all search engine optimization ca. I have one word for you Keywords!

Finding your target market and what people are searching for is the best place to begin your optimization.

You need to determine:

1. what terms people actually search for
2. the amount of times they actually search for those terms
3. Finding out How Competitive your market is

Google comes to your web site and first sees your Meta Title, Meta Tags, and Description. It is important to clearly define how Google sees your site. It is also important that you go after the target market.

For Example: If you are a Del Mar Dentist, you would not want terms like dentist, dentists, dentistry. Why not?? Because someone just searching for a dentist can be looking for a dentist anywhere, from California to Texas. You do not offer services in that area so there is no need to waste your time optimizing for such terms.

Fact:  People searching online are most likely going to search for the specific area and item they are looking for. Example: Del Mar Dentist, this narrows down their search and makes sure they get the dentist in the appropriate area.

It is also better if you start small with less competitive terms, it takes 6 months for Google to look at or even trust your site why waste it on a highly competitve term when you could be totally targeted, gain the trust of Google and go for the big dog later when you already have some pull with Google.