Friday, November 13, 2009

What Search Engine Optimization Is And Is Not Part 1

In an effort to clear up confusion and to dispel many of the rumours and speculations surrounding Search Engine Optimization in California we will be dedicating our next several blog posts to the many questions we field from both prospective and existing clients. It is our sincere hope that this inside look at search engine optimization ca, will help everyone out there recognize what SEO is and what SEO is not.

SEO 101: What Search Engine Optimization Is

Search engine optimization or "SEO" is more commonly referred to or thought of as internet marketing for businesses. While this is essentially true referring to it as such often allows the words search engine optimization to slip from the minds of those who pay for such a service. Search engine optimization is a process by which those familiar with the inner workings of the search engines optimize your website so that these search engines can find, identify, and then rank your site. The greater the optimization the more exposure your business will have online. The details of exactly how this all works is a topic we'll discuss in a future post.

SEO 101: What Search Engine Optimization Is Not

Search engine optimization ca, is not the solution to what ails your business. It is also not the be all and end all solution to the marketing of your business. Furthermore it's also not a miracle though some SEO firms out there market their services as though they are just that. Like any other marketing venture, search engine optimization California is a small but significant part of advertising your business.

The majority of businesses that exist today have some type of online presence, be it a website, blog, or Social Media accounts. As such most of these businesses seek exposure for their sites, pages, blogs, etc. Search engine optimization is often sold or promoted as a service that will drive so much traffic to your site that you'll soon have the means to retire. The truth of the matter is that this is just not the case. While search engine optimization California is designed to and ultimately does bring more visitors to your website don't buy into the claims made by so many SEO firms. Search engine optimization works and works wonders for those who choose the right SEO firm, are consistent, and begin the process with realistic expectations. Those business owners who begin working with a search engine optimization Ca, company and believe that they'll see huge results right out of the gate will find themselves disappointed and feeling duped.

Understanding What You're Paying For

Business owners looking to start an online marketing campaign would be wise to research many different search engine optimization companies. They all offer something different and operate different so the results you get with one company might not be what you get with another. Before you ever sign up ask the representative with whom you're speaking to any and all questions you might have about SEO. The more you know about search engine optimization California and the better you understand the process the more you'll appreciate what it does for your website and for your business.

Search Engine Optimization Questions You Should Ask
  • How much traffic will this process bring my website?

  • When can I expect to see results?

  • Does SEO increase only my traffic or will it help with turnover on my website as well?

  • How many hours a month must I dedicate to SEO in order to see results?

  • What will it take to usurp my online competition?

  • Is search engine optimization something that can be done on a regular or irregular basis?

  • What happens if I stop an online marketing campaign? What effects might that have on my website/business?
If you have questions about search engine optimization Ca, or would like to begin an online marketing campaign for your website please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance. Consultations are FREE and we'd love to hear from you. Be sure to visit or search engine optimization Ca website for more information!

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Next time: What Search Engine Optimization Is And Is Not Part 2
"Realistic Expectations"

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Featured Web Site: VHS to DVD - 8mm to DVD Services

Transfer VHS to DVD - 8mm to DVD

Every week I would like to make sure I feature a new web site or service we have used and can recommend to you! Now a days businesses are offering less than great services and I am all about getting the most bang for your buck! Today I want to talk about Best DVD Solutions!

Best DVD Solutions offers:
The moment I meet "Big Red" Dianna I just fell in love with her! So nice and loves what she does! She has a passion for it and believe me when I say she puts everything into it! I have become great friends with her ands he has helped me save those memories from when I was younger! She is wonderful and I know you will love her! They also offer reasonable prices so you can save those memories forever without breaking the bank!

Keyword Research & Finding Your Target Market

When people first talk to me about search engine optimization they always ask what is the first step?? So today I wanted to briefly explain the start of all search engine optimization ca. I have one word for you Keywords!

Finding your target market and what people are searching for is the best place to begin your optimization.

You need to determine:

1. what terms people actually search for
2. the amount of times they actually search for those terms
3. Finding out How Competitive your market is

Google comes to your web site and first sees your Meta Title, Meta Tags, and Description. It is important to clearly define how Google sees your site. It is also important that you go after the target market.

For Example: If you are a Del Mar Dentist, you would not want terms like dentist, dentists, dentistry. Why not?? Because someone just searching for a dentist can be looking for a dentist anywhere, from California to Texas. You do not offer services in that area so there is no need to waste your time optimizing for such terms.

Fact:  People searching online are most likely going to search for the specific area and item they are looking for. Example: Del Mar Dentist, this narrows down their search and makes sure they get the dentist in the appropriate area.

It is also better if you start small with less competitive terms, it takes 6 months for Google to look at or even trust your site why waste it on a highly competitve term when you could be totally targeted, gain the trust of Google and go for the big dog later when you already have some pull with Google.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Welcome to Search Engine Optimization CA Blog & Resources

Thank you for visiting our blog! We are Next Revolution SEO and we are devoted to helping you increase your web site traffic using search engine optimization. We will use this blog to help you understand what SEO is and what SEO isnt!

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