Monday, July 4, 2016

Inbound Marketing And Doublespeak

You won't likely hear the phrase "damage control" in business circles. Instead you'll hear the much more benign and deceptively pleasant, "reputation management". This is because today's business persons, like most people, prefer soft and safe language. Doublespeak or soft language, if you will, is a powerful tool that takes the bite out of language and is designed to make reality more palatable for those who persist in delusion. To use doublespeak is to engage in deception and is wholly dishonest at its core. It changes nothing and does nothing positive. Instead it conceals the truth and deceives those on the receiving end of it.

Reputation Management

"Reputation Management" hit the inbound marketing scene just a few years back but don't be fooled by any company or representative that dresses it up, it's damage control plain and simple. So how does it work? It goes something like this.

A business might have clients whom go online and say something unsavory. Business owners then pay their inbound marketing firm to go online and reply to or delete these "negative" comments, video, etc. Even more troubling is the fact that reps performing this service will often attempt to silence dissent by lying about the customer, trashing their reputation/business, or act in a dismissive manner as though legitimate complaints are nothing more than hot air from a buffoon. Reputation Management Specialists will even go as far as submitting complaints to social media websites in order to have the complainers account suspended. In the eyes of search engine marketing reps whom handle reputation management, there are no legitimate complaints; they're all negative, all wrong, all lies, and all need to be dealt with accordingly.

What Happened To Customer Service?

In years and even decades past addressing dissatisfied customers was known as customer service and companies had people in house that handled these types of issues. Reputation management services are carried out by people whom don't even work for the company they're representing. Furthermore the majority don't even have a customer service background. This is an unhealthy way of dealing with customer dissatisfaction, discontent, and there are often consequences to going this route. Paying your SEO firm to handle unhappy customers can wedge a further divide between you and your clients. It is often said that good news travels slowly and that bad news travels quickly. Once you hand off customer service responsibilities to someone outside your company and to someone who's only interest is in silencing people you can bet that your customers will begin talking more aggressively and loudly. Reputation Management does nothing to fix a business' reputation nor it's problems with its customers. Instead it serves to exacerbate existing issues.

Who Can Help A Business With Its Online Reputation?

A business is best served by addressing online customer issues itself. A dedicated staff member or team can work with unhappy clients online to resolve issues properly. There also exists those inbound marketing firms that offer services which help eliminate and manage errors, trolls, and misinformation but these companies do not address customer service issues. Instead they will work with social media sites and other businesses to get problems corrected. Here at Next Revolution SEO we believe that customer service issues belong to the business they're attached to. We also help our clients get spam, trolling, etc. removed from sites but we never support a business silencing unfavorable opinions or comments online. Furthermore we oppose doublespeak, soft language, instead encouraging open, honest, and blunt discourse.

If you need help managing your online reputation...don't call us, we don't want any part of that. If however you need help managing your social media accounts and legitimate interactions with your customers online, that we would be happy to help with.

~Scott (President, Next Revolution SEO)

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fuck you David Brudnicki.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Inbound Marketing Without The Bullshit: Part 2

In my previous post I wrote about some of the unrealistic expectations and misgivings some search engine optimization clients have. The focus of this post will shift to the industry I am apart of. This business and industry have supported my family for over a decade but that's not to say I'm always proud to be a part of the community. To be frank there are times where I'm rather ashamed and embarrassed of my contemporaries, competitors, and even comrades. Working in the retail during the earliest years of my youth taught me what the word cut-throat meant but when it comes to cut-throat business one must stand in awe of the inbound marketing industry.

Dishonesty Has Many Faces

The online marketing industry isn't atypical in its dishonesty, disingenuous individuals, or ambiguous and often misleading sales pitches. In fact these issues/problems permeate American business though perhaps not as egregiously as they do the SEO industry. Here are some all too common issues that plague this industry.

Buzzwords - Buzzwords are a tool used by the ignorant and dishonest both in and out of business. In SEO sales circles these words are used to distract and cover parts of a service or topic that people wish to avoid. SEO sales persons will toss out words like "guarantee, free, and may even inundate prospective clients with a ton of industry jargon which allows them to sidestep questions or answer them without ever really saying anything. Beware the inbound marketing sales person or rep whose smile extends through both ends of the phone. Advertising online isn't all sunshine and rainbows but they'd love for you to believe it is.

Guarantees - There are no guarantees in online marketing campaigns and anyone who tells you differently is lying. Of course there are those marketing firms that guarantee that certain things will happen to your website but what they won't ever tell you is that these things happen to all websites that start an SEO campaign. Instead they'll act as though your sudden and unexpected results are a product of clever marketing work which in turn makes you think they are something special. All new inbound marketing efforts result in a jump, albeit a temporary one, in the rankings. If a marketing firm starts throwing guarantees at you keep in mind that Google itself posted information online that definitively proves that all SEO guarantees are bogus Several other respected publications have done the same. Please consider reading those. There are then those marketing firms that claim people such as myself use the no guarantee philosophy as a shield against accountability; which itself is another form of bullshit. Marketing firms that don't get results and aren't accountable don't thrive for 10 plus years. There are an incredible number of factors that make or break an SEO campaign and the fault can not always be attributed to a mismanaged campaign or firm. Sometimes its fierce competition, a willfully ignorant and parsimonious client, the rep handling the campaign, and even just misfortune. It's advertising for god's sake...not a miracle and instantaneous retirement plan.

Little Whispers - I've never seen so much underhandedness as I have working in the inbound marketing industry. Not only are scam artists lurking around every corner ready to steal clients away from solid marketing firms but some of the legitimate companies resort to outright lies to lure clients away from companies that are providing them with great results. The sales reps who worked for the company I was employed with just prior to starting Next Revolution SEO were scandalous. They would tell people that their current marketing firm wasn't doing something right, omitting something, or just screwing things up. This was followed up with "Of course we can fix that for you" while wearing a sinister grin that would embarrass the Grinch. I would have had no problem with this had they not openly admitted it was all horseshit used to lure clients away from campaigns that were working well. If you're looking for integrity it isn't easily found in the inbound marketing industry. Be wary of those firms and reps that are quick to point out faults with your current marketing campaign or use that as a lead off and don't cancel your current marketing plan so hastily. Do your research, ask questions, and leave emotion out of your decision making.

Open Communication

Jenn and I founded Next Revolution SEO with the sole intent of providing businesses with solid and comprehensive search engine optimization services minus all the crap that usually comes with them. 10 years on we still take great pride in offering honest services.  We encourage all of our clients to not only openly communicate with us but our competitors as well. If they are happy with us but want something we aren't currently offering, contacting us can and does add new services to our list of services. Moreover we are more than happy to put you in touch with our clients so that you don't have to take our word for anything since there's clearly a conflict of interest there. One more thing...if someone tells you they can make you number one in the "search engines" but don't mention Google they're deceiving you. Being number one in some obscure search engine is meaningless and you're being taken. Food for thought...

~Scott (President, Next Revolution SEO)

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Inbound Marketing Without The Bullshit: Part 1

I've been working in the SEO/Inbound Marketing industry for over 14 year now. Over the years I've seen many aspects of this industry change dramatically. Whether it's new Google algorithms, skyrocketing prices, the time it takes to see results, or marketing firms coming and going...I've seen it all. If there are two constants in the world of search engine optimization however it's most assuredly client expectations and the lies disreputable firms tell both existing and prospective clients. In this post I'll be dealing with client expectations. I'll deal with industry lies in a future post.

Client Expectations And Disappointment

At the risk of being perceived as an ostentatious ass I will say this. Search engine optimization clients are among the worlds most pedantic and difficult to please. Your hard work might get them results much sooner than either you or they expected yet some will continue to mull over the most mundane details and find fault where there is none. Details mind you that have next to nothing to do with these prodigious and unexpected results. Some will even express dissatisfaction over not achieving even greater results in such a short time. All this despite their early results being atypical and having listened to you explain to them in great detail not to expect anything solid or consistent for 9 to 12 months.

Not all of this is the fault of the client mind you. In some instances the clients that sign on with us do so only after being wounded; having been mislead, over-promised, and outright lied to by other online marketing firms. Burning clients in this manner is a sure fire way to ignite skepticism in people of business, more specifically online marketing clients. Unfortunately this skepticism isn't always of the healthy variety and often leads to frustration and further disappointment for both the client and their marketing firm. Inbound marketing clients, especially those that have had bad experiences, need to remember that online marketing takes time, consistency, and money. Actions such as cutting a marketing budget, taking a month off, cancelling and moving to another firm, etc. all do damage to a clients rankings and are effectively like throwing money out a window.

Provided a marketing firm explains how inbound marketing does and doesn't work before a client signs up, the onus remains on the client to keep expectations realistic and to be consistent as well as patient. Most marketing firms...well the reputable ones anyway...are going to be working hard to get their client rankings and the online exposure they desperately want and need. Clients that want good results and the best bang for their buck need to back off and allow their marketing firms do their jobs. Clients that harass their marketing firms, threaten to cancel when their website doesn't appear in the number one spot after just two or three months, and tell their marketing team they don't know what they're doing, are creating a toxic relationship with their marketing team. What type of person hires an expert in a given field and then tells them they don't know what they're doing or that they're doing their job incorrectly? These are the actions of arrogant persons who probably shouldn't be wasting their time or money on marketing because they are insatiable and ignorant when it comes to search engine optimization. Without exception, all SEO clients are at the mercy of Google. Their marketing firms must play by Google's rules and abide by their time frames. No amount of frustration, anger, impatience, or nagging is going to change the way the game is played. Clients have a better chance of finding immortality than they do causing change at Google. Never tell your marketing firm, "I know it takes time but.....". One does not get more dishonest or absurd than that. If a prospective client can not or will not wait for results they should refrain from starting an online marketing campaign; it's as simple as that.

Here at Next Revolution SEO we tell every client, well before they sign on, that online marketing requires time, consistency, and patience above all else. We do not make guarantees and we will dissuade prospective clients from signing on with us or any other firm if we see that they are incapable or unwilling to accept the truth about online marketing campaigns. There are plenty of online marketing firms that are all too happy to accept money from anyone and any business; we are not one of those companies. We want all of our clients to succeed in business and seek to build a strong rapport with anyone who comes on board. We don't believe in bullshit and can help any business, big or small, given they come to terms with what inbound marketing is and isn't. We also ask that our clients give us the time we need to do our job. If you've been mislead by another firm but still need marketing for your online business be sure to drop us an email or give us a call. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

~Scott (President, Next Revolution SEO)

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pitfalls Of Inbound Marketing - "Affordable" Marketing Solutions

As is the case with all other things in business, inbound marketing/search engine optimization costs money. Moreover you always get what you pay for. If you think you're paying to much for online marketing now stop and think about what you won't be getting when you go from $500 a month to $500 a year. If after watching the video you have questions about inbound marketing feel free to contact us! You can also ask for a free website analysis and quote.

"Affordable" Marketing Solutions

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Inbound Marketing Red Flags - "Reputation Management"

The inbound marketing industry is rife with misinformation, speculation, and red flags. For the benefit of both our clients and those working with other marketing firms learn to recognize these things and be skeptical of any firm offering the following.

"Reputation Management Services"

Should you have any questions regarding inbound marketing or reputation management services feel free to contact us anytime or visit our website at

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Monday, December 9, 2013

The Getty Images Scam - Fear Not
You may have heard about it and you may have become a victim of it. They Getty Images extortion scam affects thousands of website owners and web firms all over the world. While the details of the scam are quite convoluted and shrewd the goal is simple. That goal being the extortion of money from both website owners and their webmasters.

The Getty Images scam essentially uses unscrupulous and deceitful techniques to scare website owners and webmasters into paying for images the company asserts were used without permission or used improperly. By way of some very underhanded rules and regulations regarding the images they claim to own and lease to webmasters/web owners, Getty images begins sending harassing letters to those who've utilized the company's images on their website. This includes those persons and companies who have done so legally by paying for their usage.

The letters received by webmasters and website owners include threats of legal action and more often than not a demand for restitution. While most professional webmasters are aware of the scam and the legality and ethics behind it most website/business owners do not. If you've ever received any notices from Getty images that demand payment or threaten you with action of a litigious nature you have two options. One, contact your lawyer and have them send notice to Getty images at which point Getty images will almost certainly back off. Secondly you can simply choose to ignore their baseless threats and accusations.

What website owners need to keep on the forefront of their minds when they are being harrased by Getty images is that,despite what the threatening letters claim, they don't have to pay anything. Getty Images must first provide evidence that an image was utilized improperly and violated copyright law. Next they must seek legal judgment and win against the accused before any money has to be paid. Those business/website owners that contact Getty images to resolve the issue without ever having gone to court are nothing short of fools as are those who pay outright. This is because the scam Getty Images runs is designed to coerce individuals and frighten them into doing this very thing. In all honesty however Getty Images not only has to demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that their images were utilized in an improper and illegal manner but actually take the accused to court which to date they have done only once.

Getty Images must spend thousands of dollars to pursue legal action in order to obtain damages for one or two images. Even if they were to ever be compensated by a court the amount would be dramatically less than what they demand in the threatening letters. It makes no financial sense to spend thousands of dollars suing legal action when one or two images would net them far less than they spent in going to court.

So what does all this mean for webmasters and website owners? It means that you shouldn't ever pay Getty images anything out of pocket unless there is a judgment against you!. Those webmasters and more commonly website owners who pay out of fear are playing right into the scam. The scam is nothing more than legalized form of extortion that relies on ignorance, a perceived convenience, and fear above all else. In an effort to do the right thing and to play it safe any website owner that receives threatening letters from Getty images should immediately contact their webmaster and have any of the alleged offending images removed and replaced in order to avoid further hassles. Often however Getty images will continue sending threatening letters even after any alleged misused photos are removed.

Here at Next Revolution SEO we never utilize any images that aren't either created in-house or obtained/used with permission. It is also our policy to remove any images that anyone claims are being misused or in violation of copyright. This is done in order to protect not only our company but our clients and their companies as well. Should you have any questions about the Getty Images scam or about our search engine optimization services please don't hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to assist you.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The SEO Grass Is Always Greener...Or Is It?
The grass is always greener on the other side or so they say. When it comes to search engine optimization this is something many clients, not only ours but those belonging to other SEO firms as well, are led to believe when being courted by "affordable" and "more capable" SEO firms. Whether you are one of our clients or a client of our competitors you need to be vigilant in your online marketing campaign and apply a healthy skepticism to any company that contacts you with any of the aforementioned words or phrases.

Many search engine optimization clients are also told quite often by representatives of another company that "your SEO is being done all wrong" and "we can fix it for you right now." While it's certainly true that some SEO clients are the victims of subpar optimization services any company that begins their sales pitch with those things does so for no other reason than to invoke fear and doubt. Appeals to emotion are powerful tools and lure many an unsuspecting business owner to what they believe will be greener pastures. This is especially true of SEO clients who've hit a bump in the road or taken a hit in the rankings after being ranked highly for a long period of time.

Like many other things in life SEO firms are only as good as their clients most recent rankings and clients often adopt a "what have you done for me lately" type of attitude. While this attitude is certainly understandable as marketing requires a good amount of money, online marketing clients that find themselves with sinking rankings and those that find themselves being courted by another company need to keep in the forefront of their mind the fact that search engine optimization is a game of chess full of peaks and valleys. Search engine optimization firms obviously make it their goal to reduce valleys and increased peaks and plateaus however even the very best SEO professionals will be unable to make ranking permanents nor avoid penalties from Google and other search engines when new algorithms are sent out. There is always a period of adjustment and rebuilding when a client rankings take a hit and should a client ever find themselves frustrated and/or being lured away by another SEO company they should pause for a least a few months to see if things improve. Chances are good that your SEO company, no matter who that might be, is working hard to restore the ranking you once had and even improve upon those. Doing so however takes time just as it did when you were a new client and had no SEO whatsoever.

Lastly SEO clients being courted by a competing SEO company should take note of how they're being approached by these companies and what tactics are being used in order to get their business. Fear tactics and appeals to emotions are baseless and fundamentally unethical as well as immoral. It behooves all SEO clients to contact their current company and ask questions about both the services they been receiving and about the company that they're considering switching to. Not only that but individuals should spend plenty of time reading reviews on line about any given SEO firm they might be interested in and even speak with that company's clientele whenever possible. In addition to this SEO clients should avoid all SEO services that are outsourced to other countries. Sure they are more affordable and often say some pretty very intriguing things but as the old saying goes "you get what you pay for" and this is true especially when dealing with search engine optimization services.

When you're rankings take a hit, big or small, you might be tempted to switch SEO services and in some cases clients are right to do so. It is foolhardy however to switch services on a dime and not give your SEO provider the same patience and courtesy you gave them when you first signed on.

Should you have any questions about search engine optimization in general or about any of our specific SEO services please don't hesitate to contact us. Even if we are unable to help you we will gladly refer you to somebody who can.

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Featured Client Of The Month: Stanley Window Care

Occasionally we enjoy showcasing one of our clients in order to not only help promote their business but in order to demonstrate how search engine optimization has positively affected their business. This month we are featuring Stanley Window Care. Stanley Window Care is Orange County's premiere professional window washing firm and has been leaving clients satisfied for over nine years.

When owner Jerod Stanley first came to us his website was without any type of online marketing whatsoever. In his four years as our client Jerod has seen both the amount of traffic his website receives and his business increase dramatically. Stanley Window Care receives a great majority of its business as a result of the online marketing the company's website receives.

Always patient, polite, and inquisitive, Jerod Stanley has been pleasurable to both work and converse with. Jerod has remained proactive and consistent with his online marketing campaign since its inception and we're extremely proud and excited about the success he's had as a result of working alongside us.

If you're in need of a great professional window washer for either a residence or a commercial structure you can put your trust in Stanley Window Care. Jerod ensures that the company's owners, which includes himself and his two brothers, are always on site at every job 100% of the time. This helps ensure that his staff adheres to his company's high standards and that his clients are 100% satisfied 100% of the time.

(949) 786-0816

Should you have questions about Stanley Window Care you may contact them at any time and should you be interested in search engine optimization for your website you may contact us as well. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Remaining Calm And Cool Headed: Online Marketing Lulls

"Help! My phone stopped ringing and I'm not getting e-mails from customers anymore". This phrase and one of the many that are just like it are often received by SEO professionals whom have disgruntled clients on the other end of the line. A dip in rankings and performance can be quite alarming for business owners when they experience a common but brief period of online marketing success at the beginning of their campaign. Other times clients will contact their SEO professionals after years of successful online marketing when they encounter a sudden dip in the amount of business they're getting from their website.

A great many things are at play when a website loses rankings and/or a website generates less business than it did in the months and years previous. The two worst things business owners can do when they experience this is panic and cancel their SEO services. SEO firms regularly communicate to their clients that rankings will fluctuate from time to time regardless of how long an online marketing campaign is run and no matter how much money that gets pumped into it.

With regards to why rankings go up and down business owners need to understand that the vast majority of online marketing firms are legitimate and have worked very hard to get their clients websites ranked where they previously were. Keeping that firmly in mind business owners need to also understand that Google ultimately determines the criteria by which a website is judged and ranked and is entirely capricious in nature, changing that criteria often and much to the chagrin of both business owners and those who market websites for their customers. When Google changes the criteria by which it judges and ranks websites is not uncommon to see websites at the top of the search engine drop off completely or at least move down several spaces and for those websites with poor are no ranking to jump up. Sometimes these fluctuations are temporary and patience and consistency are all that is needed to see it through to its resolution. There had been instances however were some SEO firms need to completely rework an online marketing strategy to bring a specific website back to prominence simply because the change Google made was extreme.

When Google isn't responsible for a websites rankings, traffic, or turnover suddenly decreasing or hitting a lull, a business's competition can sometimes be blamed. A business owner may have a specific budget set aside for their search engine optimization and it may work for months or even many years. When a competitor comes online or an existing one decides to undertake an online marketing campaign or put vastly more money into it than the affected business person, their rankings, traffic, and turnover will always be effected. This is why so many SEO professionals advise their clients to create as big a budget as possible for their online marketing campaign.

In either scenario however panicking and/or canceling your search engine optimization services is a very bad idea as is blaming your SEO firm/professional. Business owners already engaged in or entertaining the idea of search engine optimization must remember that it is a game of consistency, patience, and realistic expectations more than anything else. If you're a longtime search engine optimization clients and your marketing campaign isn't doing what it once did or what it did in the very beginning you need to be prepared to ride out the storm. Panicking only leads to frustration for both business owners and their SEO professionals. Canceling your SEO only serves to ensure that you will never recover and will likely lose any of the remaining rankings you have. If anything business owners faced with what seems like an immediate crisis and sudden waste of money need to remember that with regards to search engine optimization cooler heads in patience always prevails and that, that "waste of money" was something the considered a great investment not long ago.

It behooves any business owner who find themselves in either of the aforementioned scenarios to remain calm and collected. It's also advantageous for them to remember that prior to this "crisis" their marketing professionals worked hard to get their websites ranked in a respectable position. It's also very reasonable to believe that they are still doing so and that they aren't just running off with the money the collect from their clients. Outside of neglect, rarely is it the case that an SEO firm or professional has anything to do with a website fluctuating in the rankings or dropping completely out of them. Keeping calm when you notice even a lengthy dip and communicating your concerns with your SEO professional is the first step in getting a website get back on track. In the vast majority of scenarios website owners simply need to wait things out and keep their online marketing campaign going strong without interruption.

Should you have any questions about your website and its rankings please be sure to contact us. We would love to hear from you and be happy to help!

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Yes...We Do That Too!

While we are best known as a company that handles search engine optimization and online marketing campaigns we also offer a wide variety of other services that can enhance your online marketing experience and help convert website visitors into customers. A great many of our new clients often overlook these additional services simply because they are anxious to get their online marketing campaign underway.

In addition to search engine optimization, social media optimization, and online marketing we also offer the following:
  • Web design
  • Graphic design
  • Android and iOS applications
  • Website programming
  • Website/business branding
  • Copywriting
Keep in mind these aren't all of our services but rather just a few of the additional ones we offer and those that are most popular with our clients. When any of these additional services are utilized in conjunction with our search engine optimization services the results can be quite spectacular and exciting. Many of our clients who utilize multiple services noticed that not only does their website traffic increase but their turnover rate increases steadily over time too. Search engine optimization is one thing on its own and a very powerful tool but when used together with any of these other services your website can become a real monster online.

Should you have any questions regarding our SEO services or about any of the services you are currently receiving from someone else please be sure to contact us as we would be happy to help.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What Keywords Is Your Website Being Ranked With?

We have previously blogged and even tweeted about being wary of any search engine optimization firm that makes promises and guarantees. In an effort to help our customers and potential customers keep their expectations realistic and to help them avoid problems with online marketing we're going to talk a little bit about how a website is actually ranked and the validity of your keywords.

The vast majority of SEO firms will either have someone contact you via telephone to discuss your rankings from time to time or they'll send you some sort of regular update via e-mail. It's very easy to get excited when the firm or individual you've hired to market your website online tells you that your number one or number two for this term or for that term. Keeping your excitement in check is of the utmost importance however because where you rank for specific keywords or phrases isn't nearly as important as is which phrases your ranking with. Some of the more unscrupulous or less than stellar SEO firms/individuals will routinely report that you're ranking number one for a specific phrase or keyword but upon critical analysis you will find that they've been marketing your website with key words and phrases that nobody's actually searching for. This essentially means that no matter how high these rankings might be there utterly useless.

Keyword analysis one of the first things that an SEO professional will undertake when you begin an online marketing campaign. Keyword analysis includes looking at the keywords your competitors are using, the keywords and phrases that people are using to search for the types of products/services you offer, and how well those words and phrases are performing. If you've got a good SEO firm or professional working for you, your representative will contact you after keyword analysis has been completed to tell you exactly what key phrases and words are going to work best for your website. We encourage all SEO clients, be them our own or those working with another firm, to take the keywords they been given and do a little bit of research to ensure that the keywords that have been selected for their website are keywords and phrases that are actually being searched for. A simple search in Google should reveal a multitude of meaningful results if a keyword is as effective as your you're being told.

It's not uncommon to find SEO firms deliberately and unabashedly marketing their clients websites with keywords and phrases that very few people search for. You want your website to be ranked high with relevant keywords and should you ever find that this is not the case don't be afraid to ask questions. Business owners curious as to whether or not the right keywords and phrases are being used for their website can utilize this keyword traffic estimator to find out. Keep in mind there are many tools online with which to check your keyword popularity.

Should you have any questions regarding the keywords you're being ranked with or about any of our services please be sure to contact us, we would be happy to assist you!

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Android and iOS Applications For Your Business

Mobile technology has changed the way business functions both from the perspective of the consumer and the business owner. From a business owner's perspective smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices have given them an opportunity to make their products and services available to anyone at any time and even get easy feedback. For the consumer Android and iOS apps give them the ability to not only purchase goods from virtually anywhere in the world but to keep a close eye on their favorite retailers, professionals, and services as well.

While the mobile revolution has been well underway for several years some business owners have remained hesitant to jump in and have apps made for their particular business. Chief concerns among such business owners are cost, necessity, and effectiveness. As far as cost and effectiveness are concerned so long as application is programmed competently they almost always help businesses create more turnover. When used in conjunction with search engine optimization the results are often spectacular.

As far as effectiveness is concerned not every business needs a mobile application. Whether or not a business needs one will be determined largely by the products/services they sell. A donut shop for example will, in most scenarios, not benefit from a mobile app simply because not only are there a multitude of donut shops in any given area but people generally don't need regular updates from their favorite donut shop nor are they going to buy or order donuts on line. In contrast a company that sells household goods can have mobile applications developed for their business to not only track sales and stay in close contact with their consumers but allow their consumers to purchase items online without having to wait until they get home and are in front of their desktop or laptop.

Next Revolution SEO is proud to offer mobile application services to all of its clients. Our extremely talented application programmers create apps that not only look good but are extremely easy to use and are compatible with all mobile devices. The mobile applications we offer are completely customized by our clients to reflect their individual business, tastes, and goals. Should you have any questions or be interested in our mobile application services please be sure to contact us.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Don't Forget Your Website

So you're ready to begin an online marketing campaign and are ready to commit for the long haul. You remain uneasy however about whether your website, as it currently stands, is what it needs to be in order to work in conjunction with search engine optimization in bringing traffic and turnover to your website. Truth be told business owners that undertake an online marketing campaign but don't go the extra mile to have their new marketing team evaluate and when needed redesign their website will ultimately be spinning their wheels.

No matter how great an online marketing firm is or how well search engine optimization is managed, a lackluster website can negate the effects of even the biggest online marketing campaigns. While search engine optimization is designed to help people find your website in search engines easier by ranking it higher in results, an attractive easy-to-use website is key in turning visitors into customers. A website not only needs to have a modern look and be friendly to the search engines but must have a simple yet effective and efficient user interface. This is especially true of websites that sell their goods or services online. You might be surprised to learn that things like design, graphics, and even embedded videos and pictures play big part in conversion rates on website.

While your website may not need a complete overhaul when you begin search engine optimization keep in mind that in the majority of circumstances website improvement/overhaul recommendations are given with the very best of intentions. No online marketing firm wants to see neither your nor their efforts and hard work stunted by a website that isn't eye-catching nor easy to navigate.

Fortunately for our customers we employee a highly talented and experienced staff of web and graphic designers as well as programmers. This team excels at creating websites, design, and graphics that look fantastic and make your website memorable, attractive, and easy to use. Should you have any questions about our search engine optimization services or should you interested in either redesigning your existing website or building a new one from scratch please be sure to contact us so that we be of assistance.

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Next Revolution SEO Packages

Many business owners often contemplate beginning an online marketing campaign but remain apprehensive solely because they're unsure of what it's going to cost. The cost of search engine optimization services varies from company to company and fluctuates depending on a number of different factors. If you operate in a very crowded community where there's lots of competition both on and off-line a successful online marketing campaign may cost you much more than somebody who has very little competition. Likewise, if you're a business owner who wants to compete on a national level you should expect to pay much more for search engine optimization services than someone who wants to compete only in their local or even state area.

Being a small family-owned company allows us to keep our services fairly priced. Whether you are after a large online marketing campaign or a rather simple one our prices are designed to make it easy to enter the world of online marketing. The following is a list of SEO packages we offer:

Next Revolution SEO Marketing Packages
  • Essentials Business Package - $400 monthly
  • Essentials Plus Business Package - $700 Monthly
  • Aggressive Marketing Package - $950 monthly
  • Domination Package - $1250 monthly
Our four main packages vary in price because they do different things though all are very competitively priced. Should you have any questions about any of our marketing packages or like to get a free quote please feel free to contact us via e-mail or by phone at 951-547-4326.

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Friday, September 27, 2013

SEO: Risk Or Investment?

In speaking with our sales manager Seven Bates today, we discussed what makes search engine optimization such a tough sell. One would think that it would be obvious that websites, like anything else, need a marketing plan behind them in order to maximize both exposure and profit though this is not always the case especially when it comes to SEO. What we discovered in our meeting is that  business owners generally view SEO as a risk rather than an investment.

From the perspective of a technologically un-savvy business owner unfamiliar with the search engine optimization process, online marketing often looks "scary" and carries with it an air of uncertainty. Further complicating the matter for business owners are the derogatory comments about competitors, falsehoods, and broken promises that some online marketing firms take great pride in shouting from mountaintops. All of these things can leave strong impressions on the minds of business people who might otherwise jump right in and begin a marketing campaign. SEO salespersons worldwide have a difficult job ahead of them simply because of the aforementioned things.

While it might be tempting and in some cases very easy for business owners to view search engine optimization as a great risk rather than investment or opportunity it behooves these persons to reconsider their outlook on the process. The days where a business could place a website online and  profit from it without any online marketing haven't existed since the turn of the millennium. Furthermore business owners need to remember that if they've put money into having a website built yet remain opposed to starting and maintaining an online marketing campaign than they're essentially throwing their initial investment out the window. Without good search engine optimization and a consistent marketing effort behind it a website essentially becomes a functionless tool. Sure, some websites will get lucky and be found by curious consumers though the vast majority without search engine optimization behind them are, at best, relegated to the very bottom of Google's search results.

Thinking of search engine optimization or an online marketing campaign as an investment rather than a risk is imperative if you plan to have a website built/have one online and want to see a return on that investment. Chances are good that your competitors not only have SEO pushing their sites forward but they've been at it for quite a long time. If your competitors are running an online marketing campaign and you are not it's unlikely that you'll see the returns you'd hoped to get from putting a website online. The truth is that there is risk involved in any venture for business but it's folly to believe that an online marketing campaign isn't a worthy investment or worth the small risk involved. In many cases, even for those business owners who pay very little for search engine optimization, the return on investment for SEO is far greater than what they pay into it.

If you're a business owner who has trepidations about beginning an online marketing campaign for fear of throwing your money away we encourage you to not only take some time to reconsider your position but to do research online and even speak with a number of people who've paid a firm to market their website for them. Additionally, speaking with business owners who have a website but no SEO behind it will help you get a good idea of just how great an investment search engine optimization actually is.

Should you have any questions regarding our search engine optimization services or about the myths and stigmas surrounding the SEO industry please don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to assist you!

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